Expert Witness

Abe knew.

There may come a time when you may need to litigate a matter concerning your oil & gas or business. Rest assured that our founder, Ryan J. Rupert, may provide expert witness testimony with respect to litigation support services.

Ryan has:

  • Recovered millions of dollars of underpaid oil & gas royalties for clients who have pooled and/or unitized acreage in producing development units;
  • Provided litigation support services in areas of accounting (including financial and forensic), finance, and general business matters;
  • Assisted legal counsel in preparing responses, interrogatories, exhibits, etc.;
  • Rendered expert analyses by written reports and expert testimony at civil trial, including direct and cross examinations; and
  • Testified in both trial court and Federal court.

Our expert witness and litigation support services are delivered with precision and passion to help a jury make sense of the factual evidence of a case. No matter your oil & gas challenge, Ryan can assist your attorneys when the stakes are high and your royalties are on the line. To learn more about our oil & gas services, click here.



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