Ben was right.

With the development of the Marcellus and Utica Shales and the newfound wealth that many people are enjoying, the need to have their oil & gas valued has never been greater. This may be the most important financial and estate planning matter that people in our region have ever faced.


Oil & Gas Valuations

An oil & gas valuation will provide you with a substantive basis from which gift and estate planning can commence. Executing an effective plan and using an oil & gas property valuation will help your heirs avoid what could be thousands of dollars in taxes. And it is not all that hard to believe. That is because the tax authorities will view the producing oil & gas property – whether now or in the future – as having many more years of remaining production and, thus, the generating of royalty income for years to come. Further, the tax authorities will account for the producing property in the most aggressive scenario – that is, valuing the property as high as possible to increase the eventual tax bill.

The only defense the heirs of the estate will have is to furnish the tax authorities with an oil & gas valuation analysis, which will reflect the oil & gas property not as an aggressively income-generating asset. That is where our comprehensive valuation services will save the heirs of the estate from having to dole out thousands of dollars in taxes.

Having a team that consists of a certified public accountant and certified valuation analyst that will develop a tailored valuation of your oil & gas property will give you and your heirs peace-of-mind about what the future may hold.

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

-Ben Franklin

Business Valuations

Our firm provides a wide range of valuation services for tax planning and reporting, business planning, and litigation support, including succession planning, damages and lost profit calculations, civil litigation support services, and expert witness testimony.