Oil & Gas

A profound statement by J. Paul.

It is often said that “people don’t know what they don’t know” when it comes to understanding the many facets of owning oil & gas interests. We have invested thousands of hours and dollars in education to understand these facets so we may appropriately advise our oil & gas clients.


Oil & Gas Royalty Management

Perhaps the most unique service offering that has been borne out of the shale oil & gas evolution is our oil & gas royalty management services. Our oil & gas advisory services are symbiotic, as much of the professional consulting we provide incorporate a comprehensive look at income tax exposure, succession planning, and valuation of your subsurface oil & gas estate.

How confident are you that your royalty payments are being calculated and paid according to your oil & gas lease? We have successfully recovered millions of dollars for oil & gas owners who have been shortchanged by producers. You owe it to yourself to gain comfort in knowing whether you have been underpaid.

“The meek shall inherit the Earth, but not its mineral rights.”

-J. Paul Getty

Oil & Gas Advisory Services

From preleasing to post-production, we have the skillset and resources to guide you through the many phases of your oil & gas being developed. Our Certified Minerals Manager can assist you with leasing, division orders, production, and royalties.

We can also guide you through various oil & gas transactions, such as pipeline rights-of-ways, well pad installations, and even selling your oil & gas interest. Our specialized tax services offer you peace of mind when it comes to planning for these transactions and correctly reporting them on your income tax returns. To learn more about our comprehensive tax advisory services, click here.